Embedding Movies, flash, audio and flash videos into your content management system

Embedding videos / movies into your website via your content management system is starting to be a common task so I though I would write a quick tutorial as when dealing with videos as it can get a bit confusing.

Step 1 - Uploading your video

If you are looking for a streaming movie I would recommend creating the movie as a flash movie. A flash video / movie is different to a flash animation!

.SWF = Flash animation

.FLV or F4V = Flash video / movie

Step 2 - Create the code that will present the video player, size, quality

A video is made up of many properties and can be configured in many different ways. HTML coding knowledge is required. To make this easier there is a great website that generates the code for you.

Visit: http://www.freevideocoding.com and complete the required information to get the correct size and visual.

Step 3 - Copy your website video code to your content management system (CMS)

Once completing the form it will output the required html code to generate your video on your website. Copy the code, return to your content management system and click on the HTML code icon in the tool bar and Paste the code in.

Click Update Page

Then go to your webpage and see the embedded video!

Good Luck!


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